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Wall Rack

Made for BIkes with Sloping Top Tubes

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How to Install

1. Drill holes in the wall

Place rack in desired location on the wall and use the enclosed template to mark hole locations. It's a great idea to use a level to make sure the rack hangs square to the floor. Using a 5/8" drill bit, drill the holes through which you'll place the 1/4" toggle bolts that are included with your rack. You can use a stud finder to locate the right place to drill. We also include two lag bolts if you'd like to mount the rack into a stud or into a wood wall.

2. Insert the toggle bolts into the rack

Start by putting the two bolts through the holes in the rack, then place the toggles on without screwing them on too far. Carefully collapse each toggle and push the bolts through the holes you just drilled in the wall.

3. Attach the rack to the wall

Pull the head of each bolt towards you so that the toggle catches behind the wall. Then carefully tighten the bolt with a drill or screwdriver. There is some play in the rack until the bolts are tight, so you can use a level here to ensure the rack is square.

Designed &

Built in LA