I started making this product because I couldn’t find a wall mount rack for my bike that respected the sloping top tubes that most bikes now use. I wanted my bike to hang level on the wall. So I built my own prototype, got some feedback, and then found a local fabricator who could bring this product to life. We make each rack by hand right here in Los Angeles, where I’m based. You can find me out on the roads in the Santa Monica Mountains most mornings.

Peter Abraham
Founder, Freelance Bikes

peter abraham

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the rack made out of?

We use hand-selected wood from the black walnut tree, which is native to North America.  level one felt detail

What’s included in my order?

The rack ships with two toggle bolts (for mounting in drywall), two lag bolts (for mounting in studs or into wood), installation instructions and a template for drilling the holes in the wall.


Which types of walls can I attach this to?

The Level One rack is made to mount into either drywall or wooden studs. But the rack could also be hung on brick, cinder block, plaster or other surface with the right hardware.

Will this fit any style or size of bicycle?

The rack is generally made for road and gravel bikes and accommodates a handlebar that is 18” (44 m) wide. This rack is not adjustable, but it will work with most bikes and let your rig hang more or less level. We do not currently have a rack that is sized for mountain bikes.

level one wall wrap measurements

How much weight will the rack support?

Two ¼” toggle bolts in ½” drywall will support over 100 lbs. If one of your anchors is a lag bolt into wood, the rack will support even more than that.

How long does shipping take?

All orders ship within 48 hours and delivery time depends on your location and the delivery service you choose.

Can I be assured that the rack will not damage my paint or delicate carbon?

We use felt padding in the support notches where you frame rests. We have not had any issues with frame damage.

Are there discounts available for ordering multiple mounts?

There are no volume discounts at this time.